Limited Warranty

Your crankshaft is a production product, made to our specification in China. Therefore, you may expect to see certain deviations within the given tolerance range, particularly in the ten-thousandths column. Your crankshaft is warranted to be within original factory specifications.

We cannot control the circumstances under which these crankshafts are installed in the intended engine blocks, nor can we control the skill-level of those who are making the installation.


We warrant the type A-B2 quarter-damped crankshaft for the Model A Ford to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, and to be manufactured within the range of stated specifications forĀ one year from date of purchase. We warrant the product to be ready for installation into a properly-prepared engine block, noting that we cannot control the nature of that preparation. Purchaser may inspect and examine the crankshaft for thirty-days after purchase, and return it undamaged and unmodified to point of purchase for a full refund or exchange. Purchaser must pay return shipping, and return in original packaging and supply copy of purchase invoice and reason for return. After one year this warranty expires. Liability extends to the purchase price of the product only. Burlington Crankshaft, LLC and its distributors assume no responsibility for consequential damages which could result from failure in an engine block, or any type of mishandling of the product.

Damages incurred during shipping must be claimed with the responsible carrier.

Crank in short block