Crankshaft Specifications

Type A-B2 Crankshaft Specifications for Model A Ford

  1. Material: 4340 forged steel.
  2. Web hardness: Brinell 260-320
  3. The main and rod journals nitridation hardened to HV > 500.
  4. Product axial runout measured at the center main bearing with the front and rear main bearings mounted in Vee-blocks will not exceed 0.002 inches.
  5. Pins and bearings will not be out-of-round exceeding 0.0003
  6. Pins and bearings will not taper more than 0.0005 on length of bearing surface.
  7. Pins size tolerance: 1.498 / 1.499 inches.
  8. Bearings size tolerance: 1.623 / 1.624 inches.
  9. Dynamic and static balance will be within 2.5 grams.
  10. Specifications may be subject to change without further notice.

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